Here are two links to other ukulele websites and on each you can hear some great ukulele music

Stop Press

I have started lessons outdoors. I haven't read any guideline with the word 'ukulele' in it, but singing is allowed indoors for groups of up to six. As far as I am concerned lessons indoors could take place now, but I'll wait till 21st June when all restrictions should be removed. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Song of the Week

Song of the week is Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve. Well, it's two bars of tab and a couple of lines of lyrics. This will get you through the whole song. Sometimes I hear the riff and sometimes I just hear the chords, so it might help if you have an orchestra backing you on ukulele 🤔🙂

Bitter Sweet Symphony | lancashireukulele (

I teach ukulele and guitar in primary schools, to adult classes and to individual learners of all ages. I have qualifications in classical guitar including a performer’s certificate with Trinity College, but in recent years I prefer to play and teach ukulele as it is a much simpler instrument to play and to enjoy. You will be playing a tune after your first lesson

The Garstang Ukulele Group held an open mic evening on Saturday 1st December 2018.   Here is a recording made of Ukulele Jukebox playing Sweet Gene Vincent  by Ian Dury. 

Pre-Covid News

Here's a link to a blog post from a newish pupil - what a recommendation! Sal Page Blog. Take a look as my head isn't big enough :-) It does help when you have a keen learner.

Recent workshops include one in Garstang as part of the library's fun day and one at Parbulele. There was plenty of unsolicited thanks and plenty of applause when Ukulele Jukebox played at Parbulele on the Saturday evening.

More unsolicited testimonials: from my workshop entitled Ukulele Group Orchestration aka Sounding Better'. I received these responses...

"What a brilliant night.... thanks for your fantastic tips, ideas and help with chords and chord changes, singing and a great night playing and singing".

"It was a great night...They want Garstang song books!! I’m learning the Mariah Carey song as we speak! We’ve all been inspired. A big thanks once again".

The beginners' course at Flookburgh for the Grange U3A had a workshop which I adventurously entitled  'C Am F and G7'. It was so successful that it was repeated at Garfest (the Garstang Ukulele Festival) I also gave a more advanced workshop called 'My favourite chord'. Now there's the start of long discussions in the pub :-)

Also take a look at