A Mon Like Thee The Houghton Weavers


G   /   /   /   G   /   /   /   G   /   /   /   G   /   /   /  





                  G                                                       C

There’s an owd chap lives down our street in a cosy cottage greenhouse

        D                                                  G

And every Monday morning when it’s fine


Well I often goes an’ sits with him an’ has a smoke an’ chat

    D                                                 G               

Because he is a dear owd friend of mine

       D                                                    G

And when it’s getting dinner time and dinner’s ready then

  C                                              D

I then said well I best be on me way

           G                                                    C

But he goes and hangs me hat up just behind the owd front door

      D                                                 G     G

An’ then to my surprise I heard him say


           G                                          C           

Ee I’m allus glad to see a mon like thee,

               D                                                 G

That’s as welcome lad as welcome as can be.


Fotch thi Cheer reyt up t’table, stop as long as thou art able

            D                                          G

Fer I’m allus glad to see a mon like thee