Changes David Bowie


Cmaj7  Dbmaj7  Dmaj7  Ebmaj7                  

                                                     Oh yeah

​A5  /   /   /   D   /   /   /   F   /   /   /   D   /   /   /   F   /   /   /  





C                                           Em7                                 F                          G

   Still don't know what I was         waiting for and my time was running wild

                                                  C                                      Em7

A million dead-end streets and    every time I thought I'd       got it made

                       F                         G

It seemed the taste was not so sweet

       Cmaj7      Dm     Em7      Ebm       Dm                                       G

So I turned myself to face me,       but I've never caught a glimpse

                   Cmaj7         Dm       Em7   Ebm                      Dm                       

Of how the others must see the faker,        I'm much too fast to take that test