Everybody Wants To Be A Cat


Em  /   Eb+ /   G   /   Gb5 /   Cmaj7   C6  /   C7  /   B7  /  






Em  /   Eb+ /   G   /   Gb5 /   Cmaj7   B7  /   Em  Bm7 Em  /  





Em             Eb+               G    Gb5                  Cmaj7            C6           C7                       B7

Everybody wants to be a cat,        because a cat's the only cat   who knows where it's at.

Em               Eb+                      G         Gb5 Cmaj7                            B7              Em   Bm7 Em

Everybody's pickin' up on that feline  beat,         'cause everything else is obsolete.


    Am                 Am/G#                Am/G                  Am/F#           G

A square with a horn, makes you wish you weren't born,    every time he plays,

                 B7                                                                        Em  Am   B7    C   B7

But with a square in the act you can set music back to the caveman days.