I Saved The World Today Eurythmics


Am/ / / Am/ / / Am/ / / Am/ / / Am/ / / E7/ / / Am/ / / Am/ / /






Am               Am/G#              Am/G                       Am/F#                F      E7             Am

       Monday finds you like a bomb, it's been left ticking there too long.     You're bleeding

/                               Am/G#             Am/G              Am/F#           F     E7            Am

   Some days there's nothing left to learn from the point of no return.    You're leaving


Dm        G       C                           F    Dm                   G                       C                           F

      Hey hey, I saved the world today.    Everybody's happy now, the bad thing’s gone away

Dm                             G                       C                               F      G#            Bb    Am9

       And everybody’s happy now, the good thing's here to stay.      Please let it stay