Itchycoo Park

Intro C  Am   (x2)


C                              Em          Bb                     F                       G

   O'er the bridge of sighs, to rest my eyes in shades of green

C                            Em     Bb                                      F                       

    Under dreaming spires,   to Itchycoo Park, that's where I've been


                       C             Bb         F          

(What did you do there?)    I got high

                       C               Bb            F          

(What did you feel there?)     Well, I cried

                     C                  Bb              F          

 (But why the tears there?)    Tell you why


Chorus            C                  Am                (x4)

                           It's all too beautiful


Bridge             C                        Eb

                       I feel inclined to blow my mind

                                        Bb                F                   C

                        Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun

                                 C                       Eb

                        They all come out  to groove about

                                 Bb                F              G

                        When I search for fun in the sun


C                            Em                         Bb                     F                    G

   I tell you what I'll do,                   I'd like to go there now with you

                                     (what will you do?)

C                            Em                              Bb                    F               

   You can miss out school,               why go to learn the words of fools

                                          (won't that be cool?)

                      C             Bb                F          

(What will we do there?)     We'll get high

                      C                  Bb                         F          

(What will we touch there?)    We'll touch the sky

                      C                 Bb                   F          

 (But why the tears there?)     I’ll tell you why






C                  Am                    (x3)                               

    It's all too beautiful                                                                      

C                 Am