Ocean Drive The Lighthouse Family

Intro D / A / Bm7 / G /   D / A / Bm7 / G / G  /  (to the rhythm

                                                                             1 2 3 4&   &   & 3 4)

      D                     Bm7          G                      A

It's true, pink and blue, I can share your situation

         D                   Bm7                     G                    A

Been holding our emotions back will only make us cry

          D      Bm7                G                        A               D     Bm7

If you go, I know, but you know it ain't so serious anyway

                G                            A                    D

When the clouds arrive, we'll live on Ocean Drive



                   A                                                Bm7 

Don't know why (don't know why) you're so blue (so blue).

       G                                                         D      

The sun's gonna shine on everything you do,

              A                                 Bm7                                

And the sky (and the sky) is so blue (so blue)

       G                                                         D

The sun's gonna shine on everything you do

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