Spiders In The Dressing Room The Toy Dolls

G                                  D           G         G                                    D         G

 I was getting dressed late one night, along came a spider and I got a fright

     C               G                        D                  G 

Oh I couldn’t squash it flat no matter how I tried

        C                           G                  D                G

And when it looked me in the eye, I ran away to hide         (faster)  Aaaaaaah (tap)


G                  D                     G                                                       D                    G

 I put on me Doctor Martin shoes, a battle with the spider that I wasn't gonna loose

   C                             G                             D                                 G

A kick from the left a kick from the right. I was on the floor but I was alright

C                   G                      D      

It was gonna be a long long night



G                     C                      G                   D         G                     C                         D

Spiders in the dressing room, spiders everywhere, spiders in the dressing room beware