The Wonder Of You Elvis


​F   /   /   /   Dm  /   /   /   Gm  /   /   /   C7  /   /   / 





                                      Oh   oh   oh    oh                                                                     

F                                               Dm          Gm                                        C

    When no one else can understand me,        when everything I do is wrong

F                                                Dm     Gm                                                  C7

    You give me hope and consolation,        you give me strength to carry on

                   F                       F7                    Bb     C         Dm   A7 D7

And you’re always there to lend a hand in every thing I do

                 Gm       C7                       F     Dm  Bb             C       

That’s the wonder,    the wonder of you        (wonder of you)